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Dr. Charles E. Edmiston recognized by Wisconsin Division of Public Health for research initiative

Charles E. Edmiston, Jr., PhD, CICJuly 09, 2014 College News - Charles E. Edmiston, Jr., PhD, CIC, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Surgical Microbiology Research Laboratory, has been recognized by the Wisconsin Division of Public Health’s Infection Prevention and Public Health Update for his research efforts to define an evidence-based approach for reducing the risk of surgical site infections. Included in the citation are a series of research studies that Dr. Edmiston and his colleagues in the Division of Vascular Surgery have conducted to develop a standardized strategy for antiseptic preadmission shower/cleansing, a weight-based dosing protocol for prophylactic antibiotic therapy, adoption of antimicrobial wound closure technology and surgical wound irrigation using 0.05% chlorhexidine gluconate.

Dr. Edmiston presented the keynote address at the Wisconsin Surgical Site Infection Prevention Summit in Wausau hosted by the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, the Wisconsin Hospital Association and MetaStar, Inc. His presentation, entitled, Preventing Surgical Site Infections in the Post-SCIP Era, provided a series of practical guidelines for pre-operative skin preparation and evidence demonstrating the decreased bioburden at surgical sites when the protocol was prescribed. 

A recent publication by the vascular division explores the use of SMS texting to improve patient compliance to the preadmission shower regimen (Empowering the Surgical Patient: A Randomized, Prospective Analysis of an Innovative Strategy for Improving Patient Compliance with Preadmission Showering Protocol. Edmiston et al., Journal American College Surgeons: In Press 2014 online). Providing patient instructions via text messaging with mobile communication devices has been demonstrated to improve compliance with essential elements of pre-operative preparation for surgery.

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