General Surgery Student Clerkship
Fourth Year Sub-Internship

It is a firm belief that by the fourth year of medical school, students have acquired the necessary skills to function more independently, with a level of autonomy more closely resembling that afforded to a resident intern. The senior student is privileged with the opportunity to provide first encounter management, so as to formulate plans and therapies. Such opportunities enhance confidence-building as students mature to residency and ultimately to staff physicians. The independence afforded to fourth year students still requires staff intervention and physician oversight, in order to maintain continuous education for the student and optimal care for the patient.

Andrew Kastenmeier, MD
Department of Surgery
Sub-Internship Director

Sub-Internship Program
The fourth-year Surgery Sub-Internship program consists of a one-month rotation that serves as the foundation for students wishing to enter into a surgical residency. The purpose of this rotation is to familiarize the student with the responsibilities of a surgical resident and aid in the transition from medical student to resident physician.

Surgically oriented Sub-Intern rotations are offered in a number of specialties, including Vascular Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and General Surgery, amongst others. The Sub-Intern program is based on the M4 Surgical Sub-Internship Major Goals and Key Features, which were designed to preview the responsibilities of an intern during the fourth year.

During the one-month rotation, the Sub-Intern will be the source of first encounters with patients, performing a complete history, physical examination, differential diagnosis, diagnostic plan, and implementation of treatment. The clinical care provided by a Sub-Intern is always under resident or faculty supervision.

Medical Student Performance Evaluation
Each rotation has individualized their methods of evaluating the Sub-Interns. Oral presentations are required for all Sub-Internship rotations; some rotations may implement a written exam. All rotations will use standardized clinical performance assessment forms, completed by residents and attending faculty.

The Director of the Sub-Internship Program is Dr. Andrew Kastenmeier, Assistant Professor, General Surgery. Dr. Kastenmeier is a member of the Student Education Committee. The Surgery Student Coordinator, Catie Fihn, MBA, is a member of the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) and the Student Education Committee.