2013 Surgical Summer Research Students

The Department of Surgery faculty host summer students annually, providing funded research opportunities to enrich their education.  Through MCW’s Medical Student Summer Research Program, students are integrated into the research environment and actively participate on the research team.  Students have the opportunity to complete a project and submit their findings for potential publication at local and national meetings.  At the end of the summer, all students participate in a poster session held at MCW.  As the Department of Surgery and its various divisions continue to support student research, these students continue to add great value to the Department’s research efforts.  The 2013 summer research student list along with research project information is listed below.

Justin D. Bric

Student: Justin D. Bric
Preceptor: Jon Gould, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (General Surgery)
Project Title: Validation of a robotic surgical skills curriculum

Peter Dietrich

Student: Peter Dietrich
Preceptor: Karen Brasel, MD and Terri deRoon-Cassini, PhD
Department/Division: Surgery (Trauma)
Project Title: Determination of the Prevalence of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) and its Correlation to the Development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Hospitalized Civilian Trauma Survivors

Samuel G. Dillman

Student: Samuel G. Dillman
Preceptor: David Gourlay, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (Pediatric)
Project Title: (400-06-1) the impact of vascular biology on necrotizing enterocolitis

Ryan Graf

Student: Ryan Graf
Preceptor: Ronald Woods, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (Cardiothoracic)
Project Title: The Impact of Intrauterine Growth Restriction On Outcomes of Congenital Heart Surgery

Ashley N. Krepline

Student: Ashley N. Krepline
Preceptor: Susan Tsai, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (Oncology)
Project Title: Incidence and risk factors for developing venous thromboembolism in pancreas cancer patients

Justin La

Student: Justin La
Preceptor: Tina Yen, MD MS
Department/Division: Surgery (Oncology)
Project Title: Effects of parathyroidectomy on sleep patterns and behaviors in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism

Alex Lois

Student: Alex W. Lois
Preceptor: Jon Gould, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (General)
Project Title: Gastrojejunostomy technique during laparoscopic RYGB: hand-sewn anastomosis (HAS) and circular-stapled anastomosis (CSA)

Matthew R. Mohorek

Student: Matthew R. Mohorek
Preceptor: Travis Webb, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (Trauma)
Project Title: Evaluating success of 2011 evidence-based guidelines for management of geriatric patients

Christopher R. Rettenmaier

Student: Christopher R. Rettenmaier
Preceptor: Matthew Goldblatt, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (General)
Project Title: Open Ventral Hernia Repair: Outcomes and Experiences at a Single Institution

Jacob M. Wilson

Student: Jacob M. Wilson
Preceptor: T. Clark Gamblin, MD
Department/Division: Surgery (Oncology)
Project Title: Molecular analysis of cholangiocarcinoma

Anthony J. Zacharias

Student: Anthony J. Zacharias
Preceptor: Kiran Turaga, MD MPH
Department/Division: Surgery (Oncology)
Project Title: Regional Therapy for Unrespectable Hepatic Metastases in Geriatric Patients: A Comparative Effectiveness Analysis

Diana W. Zhao

Student: Diana W. Zhao
Preceptor: Tracy Wang, MD MPH
Department/Division: Surgery (Oncology)
Project Title: Does parathyroidectomy improve bone density in elderly patients with primary hyperparathyroidism