General Surgery Residency Program Resources

Opportunities exist for residents to improve teaching abilities through the American College of Surgeons Course “Residents as Teachers and Leaders Course” which is designed to educate residents in the development of essential non-clinical skills that are critical to their success as senior level residents to be more effective teachers.

In addition to iPads, computer access for residents is available throughout the Department of Surgery.

Each resident receives electronic copies of Selected Readings in General Surgery and has access to online resources available through the Medical College of Wisconsin Library.

SCORE is the General Surgery Resident Curriculum Portal that delivers educational content aligned with the curriculum to general surgery residents and residency programs.

The Residency Office maintains a list of favorite iPad applications as suggested by the residents.

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  Teaching Conferences

Teaching Conferences (PDF)
A number of teaching conferences complement the education program of the Department of Surgery:

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences  
  Cardiothoracic Surgery Morbidity and Mortality   Froedtert Hospital
  Surgical Morbidity and Mortality   Froedtert Hospital
  Surgical Morbidity and Mortality   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  Surgical Morbidity and Mortality   St. Joseph's Hospital
  Surgical Morbidity and Mortality   Columbia St. Mary's
  Surgical Morbidity and Mortality   Aurora Grafton
Protected Block Curriculum  
  PGY 1   Froedtert Hospital
  PGY 2   Froedtert Hospital
  PGY 3-5   Froedtert Hospital
Clinical Care Conferences  
  Critical Care Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Multidisciplinary Thoracic Tumor Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  GI Surgery Case Conference   Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  Peripheral Vascular Board   Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  Multidisciplinary Tumor Board   Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  Multidisciplinary Pediatric Surgery Conference   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  Multidisciplinary Breast Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Endocrine Multidisciplinary Disposition Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Endocrine Surgery Case Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Hepatic Tumor Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  GI Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Vascular Case Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Midwest Collegiate Teleconference   Froedtert Hospital
  IBD Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Colorectal and GI Tumor Board   Froedtert Hospital
  Hernia Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Transplant Liver Selection Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Transplant Kidney Selection Conference   Froedtert Hospital
Resident Teaching Conferences  
  Trauma Case Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  General Surgery Case Review Conference   Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  Breast Endocrine Resident/Student Conference   Froedtert Hospital
  Chair's Journal Club   Froedtert Hospital
  Hepatobiliary Journal Club   Froedtert Hospital
  Critical Care/Trauma Journal Club   Froedtert Hospital
Departmental Conferences  
  Surgical Grand Rounds   Froedtert Hospital
  Pediatric Surgery Grand Rounds   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  Professor Rounds   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  Multidisciplinary Research Conference   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  Clinical Research Conference   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  Surgical Education Research Conference   Froedtert Hospital
Program Conferences  
  All Resident Meeting   Froedtert Hospital
  Chief Resident Meeting   Froedtert Hospital

Surgical Grand Rounds are held on Wednesday mornings. Attendance is mandatory at Surgical Grand Rounds for all residents.

  General Surgery Rotation Schedule

General Surgery Rotation Schedule (PDF)

2015-2016 Rotation Schedule by Month Length of Rotation in Months
  Location PGY1 PGY2 PGY3 PGY4 PGY5
Trauma Surgery FMH 1     1.3 1.7
Critical Care FMH   1 2    
Acute Care Surgery FMH 1   2   1.7
Surgical Oncology Gastrointestinal 1 FMH 1     1.3  
Surgical Oncology Gastrointestinal 2 FMH 1   2    
Minimally Invasive General Surgery FMH 1     1.3  
Evans / Hernia FMH         1.7
Transplant Surgery FMH   1   1.3  
Endoscopy FMH   1      
General Surgery SJ 1 1     1.7
General Surgery CSM 1 2     1.7
Pediatric Surgery CHW 2 1   1.3  
Night Float FMH 1   2    
Surgical Oncology Breast Endocrine FMH 1     1.3  
Colorectal Surgery FMH   1     1.7
General Surgery AG       1.3  
General Surgery WMH       1.3  
General Surgery VA   1 2   1.7
Vascular Surgery VA   1   1.3  
Cardio-Thoracic VA   1      
Vascular Surgery FMH 1 1      
Elective* Varied     2    
Total Months   12 12 12 12 12
Froedtert Hospital - Site #1 FMH   *Possible Electives
Columbia St. Mary's Hospital - Milwaukee - Site #2 CSM   Community Surgery
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Site #3 CHW   Endocrine Surgery
Clement Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Site #4 VA   Hand Surgery
St. Joseph's Hospital - Milwaukee - Site #5 SJ   Research
Waukesha Memorial Hospital - Waukesha - Site #6 WMH   Rural Surgery
Aurora Hospital - Grafton - Site #7 AG   Surgical Oncology
      Thoracic Surgery


  Social Activity Calendar

Department of Surgery Social Activity Calendar

November 23, 2015 Thanksgiving Dinner
January 2016 (TBD) ABSITE Exam
March 18, 2016 Match Day
June 1, 2016 Mock Oral Boards
Friday, June 17, 2016 Eberbach Lecture
Saturday, June 18, 2016 Eberbach Banquet
June 2016 (TBD) Welcome Picnic


  Resource Centers, Libraries and Other Resources

Research Centers, Libraries and other Resources
The following links are provided for additional information:

  Active Participation in Surgical Organizations

Active Participation in Surgical Organizations
The General Surgery Training Program provides membership for general surgery residents to the following surgical organizations: