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Discovery Curriculum Teaching Toolbox

Anatomage Table

Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table

  • A life-size interactive 3-D anatomy table rendered from CT scan data.
  • Visualizes skeletal tissues, muscles, organs and soft tissue.
  • Library collection of 100 real-life clinical scans.


  • Builds 3-D constructs from 2-D images.
  • Imports and reviews patient images.
  • Slices, layers, and segments the anatomy.
  • Simulates operation procedures.


  • Videos:
  1. Introduction to the Anatomage Table (10 minutes)
  2. Navigating the Anatomage Table (4 minutes)

Note: In September 2013, the Anatomage Table will be located in the MCW Todd Wehr Library and featured as its Resource of the Month.

The rooms in which the Anatomage Table are available are as follows: H1210-H1250, HRC Auditorium, MAAC Fund 3075, Alumni Center, Kerrigan Auditorium, M2050/M2070 Graduate School Classroom, Form & Function Lab and Classroom, Discovery Classroom, TBRC 2195 and TBRC 3195.

Need Help? Reservations through the EMS system or contact the Media & Production Services, 414-955-2499,


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