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Discovery Curriculum Teaching Toolbox


Audience Response System

ARS in the Classroom

  • Be sure to update your TurningPoint software to version 5
  • Keep your question slides short
  • Limit the number of answer options to five
  • Use the timer
  • Allow enough time for students to answer
  • Encourage active discussion between questions
  • Use a correct answer indicator

Basic Process:

  • Review your content for opportunities to add ARS interactivity; one of the best ways is to link questions to your session objectives.
  • Prepare questions based on pre-reading or podcast assignments, three to four for a fifty minute class.
  • Build in discussion time.
  • Give clear instructions to students about ARS use.
  • Contact Media and Production Services to schedule ARS resources.

Benefits of Using ARS:

  • Provides immediate student feedback
  • Gauges student preparation
  • Improves class attendance,  increases retention
  • Supports the curriculum and
  • Encourages open discussions
  • Evaluates the collective understanding


  • PDFs:  
  1. Tips for Getting Started with ARS 
  2. Using ARS for Quiz Administration 
  • Short Videos:
  1. Getting Started with ARS

  2. Best Practices for ARS

Need Help? Contact Media & Production Services, 955-2499,

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