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Discovery Curriculum Teaching Toolbox


Webcasting (formerly Podcasting):

  • Allow faculty to record audio aligned to PowerPoint slides
  • Produce pre-class learning content
  • Encourage students to learn at their own pace
  • Free up in-class time for active learning  events

Basic Process:

  • Determine your instructional objectives and identify PowerPoint content for those topics.
  • Prepare your script and contact James Pease to schedule a recording appointment.
  • Save your PowerPoint presentation to a thumb drive

Benefits of a Webcast:

  • Permits learning to occur anywhere
  • Develops a convenient/well-liked deliverable for students
  • Improves student learning; creates a positive and active learning atmosphere and empowers students—they can  replay or skip ahead as needed


  • PDFs:
  1. Planning a Webcast
  2. How to Create a Webcast
  • Videos:
  1. Planning your Webcast
  2. Webcasting Best Practices
  3. How to Create a Webcast

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