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Discovery Curriculum Teaching Toolbox

 How can I practice using ARS?

a. Load the TurningPoint application to your laptop or PC.
b. Create your presentation with polling questions. Save it to a thumb drive.
c. You will want to practice in the room you intend to present in. If you would like assistance or feedback, check the Need Help document for contact information.
d. If you are using a Macintosh, please contact Lynn Lewandowski for specific TurningPoint Anywhere details.

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 How do I find iPad apps?

Read these Reference Articles:

  1. The 100 Best iPad Apps (PC Magazine)
  2. How to Find iPad Apps        
  3. Medical Profession Apps
  4. The MCW List of Recommended Apps


Check with a colleague—see what they are using or would recommend.

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 Is there some place I can borrow/test/use an iPad as the students have them and I can’t afford to buy my own?

The MCW library has iPad 2 loaners available for check-out. If there are specific apps you are interested in for an upcoming course, contact Diane Wilke-Zemanovic.

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 What is Doceri?

Doceri™ is a software suite for authoring and controlling presentations. From your iPad, you can control your presentation computer, annotate over any content displayed, save those annotations, and replay them for an audience. Doceri™ frees you from being tethered to your computer or whiteboard, allow you to face your audience, and create sophisticated presentations in your own handwriting!


Download the free Doceri  iPad app from the iTunes store. Doceri is available on the lectern PCs in the Discovery Classroom, Kerrigan, HRC and the Alumni Center.

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 Can I use Windows 8 while at the college?

As with many of the new operating systems, we ask that you wait until MCW-IS gives us the go-ahead after they have thoroughly tested current MCW applications.


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 I am about to purchase a new tablet (not iPad) and it seems there are a lot out there to choose from. Any suggestions?–

Keep in mind that the MCW List of Recommended Apps is not compatible with all platforms.  At this time, most Windows-based tablets have limited content available.

Start by listing all of the applications that you plan to run on your new device and then check to see which are available in the App Store (iPad) versus those in the Windows store.

For example, Notability is a powerful handwriting, note-taking, annotation, typing, recording and organization app available for an iPad; currently, there is not a comparable Windows-based product available. SuperNote takes notes and is available for Android tablets but it does not have all of the features that Notability does. Evernote is a suite of apps, including Evernote, Skitch, and Penultimate.  It is available for both the Android and iOS platform.

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 What’s the difference between web content and web apps?

An app is a software application written in the native language of a particular platform; the two predominant platforms are Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android). An app is expensive to develop, requires a manual download and fees and must be developed separately for each kind of platform. Apps take advantage of the technology inside of an iPad and are sorted by category

iPad examples are First Consult, Weather HD, 3D Brain or iBooks. Android examples are Kindle, the Weather Channel, Dropbox and Spanish Translator/Dictionary—all available from amazon.com

Web content is accessed through a web browser (Chrome or Safari) on your phone or mobile device—a browser is accessible to all smartphones. There is no download involved. You are using websites on the Internet to search, browse or download files.

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