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Discovery Curriculum Teaching Toolbox


Clinical Apprenticeship Preceptor Toolbox

Considering working as a Preceptor or a Mentor?

Complete the Clinical Apprenticeship Sign-Up Form - Milwaukee Campus

Complete the Clinical Apprenticeship Sign-Up Form - Green Bay Campus

Consult this page for details on:

  •     becoming involved
  •     expectations
  •     how to be effective


  1.     Call for Preceptors (PDF)
  2.     Welcome Outpatient Preceptors (Video)


  1.     Clinical Preceptor Handbook 2015 (PDF)
  2.     Site preparation (Interactive PDF)
  3.     Clinic Daily Planning (PDF)
  4.     Medical Students: Helping in a Medical Home (PDF)


  1.     Getting Started with iPads (PDF)
  2.     Getting Started with Loaner iPads (PDF)
  3.     Teaching Nuts & Bolts (Website)
  4.     One Minute Preceptor (Webpage)
  5.     Giving Feedback (PDF)
  6.     Early Clinical Courses Electronic Resource (PDF)

Need Help? Contact Stephanie Shaw, 414-955-8207,

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