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Discovery Curriculum Teaching Toolbox

Teaching Toolbox Video Gallery

Planning Your Podcast

David Mattson, PhD, offers an introduction to what podcasting is, how it benefits the students, and how you can plan an podcast presentation.

Podcasting Best Practices

David Mattson, PhD, discusses the best practices and techniques for creating a successful podcast.

How to Create a Podcast (Painless Podcasting)

An informational podcast on how to set up time in the Discovery Curriculum Media room, to record a podcast.

Getting Started with ARS

This video, narrated by Todd Hoagland, PhD, is part of a Faculty Development series designed to help you learn about the MCW supported Audience Response System (ARS).

Best Practices for ARS

Narrated by Todd Hoagland, PhD, this video is part of a Faculty Development series designed to help you choose questions, tools and activities that will best promote student engagement and learning.

Welcoming Outpatient Preceptors

Welcome to the new DISCOVERY Curriculum where MCW’s Outpatient Preceptor program will be expanded as an important part of a medical student’s clinical patient care experience – the Clinical Apprenticeship.

How to use the Sympodium

Narrated by Todd Hoagland, PhD, this short video covers Sympodium, an interactive touch-screen monitor that allows for annotating displays.

Scholarly Pathways Mentoring

David Brousseau, MD, MS, offers insight and support for teaching needs and the new Discovery Curriculum, the Medical College’s Scholarly Pathways program, why it is so important to our students and what the roles of faculty advisor and project mentor mean for MCW faculty.

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