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2012 Annual Report

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Friends and Colleagues

As one of America’s 141 medical schools and health sciences universities, the Medical College of Wisconsin is entrusted with navigating the challenges facing the practice of medicine and providing the foundation for tomorrow’s health care.

Meeting state's need for more health providers

The Medical College of Wisconsin is moving forward in the development of a community medical education program in Wisconsin.

FAQ: Medical College of Wisconsin's Community Medical Education Program

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Medical College’s Community Medical Education Program

New treatment hits the target

A new class of drugs known as targeted therapies are reshaping the future of care for cancer and other conditions.

New treatment gives life to young girl

A young girl with a rare genetic condition is alive and thriving today because of a new treatment plan developed by Medical College of Wisconsin physicians at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Medical education enters new era

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Discovery Curriculum is designed to address the rapidly evolving practice of medicine and prepare outstanding physicians for the 21st century.

FAQ: MCW's Discovery Curriculum

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Medical College’s curriculum for medical students.

Biomedical sciences student learns by doing

MD-PhD student Max Cayo has accomplished the rare feat of obtaining an NIH grant as a student, and with his mentor, Stephen Duncan, PhD, is advancing research to improve treatments for cardiovascular diseases.

Web Extra: $9 million national collaborative grant to study cardiovascular disease

The Medical College of Wisconsin and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania received a $9 million NIH grant to study the role genetics plays in certain types of cardiovascular disease.

Research making impact on concussions

A neurosciences team, led by Michael McCrea, PhD, and supported by a $2.2 million Department of Defense grant, is evaluating four screening tools to determine the most effective method for assessing concussions and determining recovery.

Web Extra: NCAA funds concussion research at Medical College of Wisconsin

The NCAA is providing $400,000 to a national group of researchers, including at the Medical College of Wisconsin, to study the effects of head injuries in athletes over the course of their college careers.

Device designed to keep reflux in check

A new device designed by Medical College of Wisconsin researchers may alleviate symptoms of severe acid reflux in patients while they sleep.

Pilot grants help launch new research initiatives

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin, comprised of eight institutions, is federally designated as part of a national consortium of top medical research institutions dedicated to accelerating biomedical advances to improve health.

Curbing obesity in city children

A partnership between the Medical College of Wisconsin and the United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee is working to increase healthy eating and physical activity for the city’s children.

Fighting cancer in American Indians

A unique partnership is working to build the capacity of Wisconsin’s American Indian communities to improve cancer prevention and the health and quality of life of cancer patients and survivors.

Video: Cancer-preventing agents in berries

Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin led by Dr. Gary Stoner have found black raspberries to contain cancer-preventing agents that also show promise in treating specific cancers.

Video: Personalized Medicine to Treat Pancreatic Cancer

A collaborative team of surgeons and cancer specialists at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin have developed a clinical trial for pancreatic cancer, in which each patient receives an individualized, specifically designed treatment for their particular tumor. With this trial, Dr. Doug Evans, Dr. Susan Tsai and Dr. Doug Ritch are leading the way in cancer research.

Video: Screening for Genetic Disease

Physician scientists at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin have developed the world’s first screening test for 22q deletion syndrome, also known as DiGeorge Syndrome, which can cause a wide range of health and developmental issues in children, including serious heart defects. Dr. Aoy Mitchell and Dr. Stuart Berger show how this new test is making a real difference in the lives of children and their families.

Finance Report

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Finance Report for fiscal year 2011-12.

Board of Trustees

The Medical College of Wisconsin Board of Trustees

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards for the Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Center, Digestive Disease Center and Neuroscience Center

Technology Innovation Council

The Medical College's Office of Technology Development convenes the Technology Innovation Council to discuss the patenting, marketing, licensing and development of early stage biomedical technologies.

Consortium on Public and Community Health, Inc.

The consortium provides oversight for the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program and serves in an advisory capacity for conversion funds allocated to research and education at the College.

Women In Science

Women researchers and physicians at the Medical College of Wisconsin are making discoveries that are saving lives and improving treatments for patients with injuries and complex diseases.

Planned Giving Council

The Planned Giving Council collaborates with area professional advisors to explore and develop mutual client and prospective donor relationships.

Alumni Association

The Medical College of Wisconsin/Marquette Medical Alumni Association provides services to strengthen connections among alumni and with the Medical College, and between students and alumni.

Friends of the Medical College of Wisconsin

The Friends of The Medical College of Wisconsin is an organization of volunteers from the College, affiliated institutions and the community.

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