Transgenic Core Facility

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Contact the Core Director to establish a project outline, timeline and to review the experimental design. After review of the project with Core staff, you will need to provide the following documentation to initiate the experiment:

  • Approved Animal Protocol number for transgenic / knock-out mice, including available housing space
  • Completed Order Form (this link jumps down to the order forms)
  • Service Agreement Form (for On-Campus Investigators). A separate Service Agreement form will be emailed to off-campus Investigators.
  • Completed "Condition of Use" form if using gene targeting/blastocyst injection service 
  • Documentation about experimental materials provided to the Core
  • Documentation about established screening procedure to characterize transgenic offspring or ES cells.

The project will then be assigned a project ID, and placed in the work queue. Upon initiation of the experiment, you will receive regular updates about the project progress. At project completion, the Investigator will receive a summary and a copy of our laboratory notes.

The following forms may be filled out online and emailed directly to the Core Supervisor.  If you are having problems emailing them, please print them out and fax them to the number listed below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the TC Core Supervisor.



Blastocyst Injection Sperm Cryopreservation
Gene Targeting Service Agreement
Mouse Line Rederivation Zinc Finger Injection
Pronuclear Microinjection Other (blank form)
Conditions of Use Statement    



The Core is not a business, and does not attempt to generate net revenue. The Core’s only mission is to support and enable experiments by other Investigators. Fees are levied to cover approximately 50% of the actual cost involved in performing these experiments. The production of transgenic or knock-out animals is a long-term, multistep process, and in most cases the cost of generating the mice is only a fraction of the total project expense. We strongly recommend taking these considerations into account when applying for funding. The fee for individual services depends on the scope of the project. For details, please contact the Core Director.
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