Transgenic Core Facility

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Sperm cryopreservation / Recovery

The core has the expertise and equipment to cryopreserve sperm. To plan and arrange for cryopreservation experiments, contact the TG Core Supervisor.

The Core uses the JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit for cryopreservation.  For best recovery results with sperm cryopreservation, the Core would require two males that are between the ages of 10-16 weeks. They should be proven breeders that have mated and produced pups recently. The males must have been separated from a female for one week prior to the cryopreservation procedure. Older males or males that have not mated can have lower sperm counts or immotile sperm which can reduce the chances of strain recovery when used for IVF. Jackson Labs will perform a quality control test to ensure recoverability of your strain. We strongly recommend not reducing colony numbers until you have received the results of the QC. The sperm will be stored in 2 separate Dewars on the MCW campus as well as at Jackson Laboratory. After 3 years of cryopreservation, a small fee will be charged for storage. 

The recovery of sperm from cryopreservation requires an In Vitro Fertilization procedure. This procedure is typically done using wildtype females as egg donors but we can use animals from an Investigator's personal colony, if desired. Mouse strains can vary in their sensitivity to superovulation which can result in low egg numbers when using a strain other than one that the Core is familiar with.
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