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Pragmatic, Randomized Optimal Platelet and Plasma Ratios

Nearly 50% of trauma deaths occur before the patient reaches the hospital and few of those deaths are preventable. For those that reach the hospital, about 40% experience bleeding complications and require a massive transfusion. Bleeding complications are the leading cause of early death in trauma patients. Studies in both the public and military populations have shown that seriously injured patients who receive a MT with higher plasma ratios had lower mortality than those that received more traditional ratios of plasma.

PROPPR is a multicenter, randomized trial which will compare different ratios of blood products given to trauma patients who are predicted to require massive transfusions (MT=greater than 10 units of PRBCs within the first 24 hours). The patients who have been predicted to require a massive transfusion will receive blood products based on a 1:1:1 or 1:1:2 ratio of platelets, plasma and red blood cells.

Approximately 680 patients will be enrolled into this study from 12 participating sites in the United States and Canada. In addition to evaluating the patient outcomes based on ratio of products, extensive lab analysis will be done to evaluate the influence of fluid resuscitation on traumatic induced coagulopathy. The PROPPR trial will be conducted under exception from informed consent.

The study has completed enrollment as of December 2013.


ClinicalTrials.gov number: NCT01545232




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