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Questions to be Answered

Plan to visit the laboratory to meet the mentor and current lab members before accepting a position. You need a personal visit to discern whether this is an environment and group of people that you would enjoy being around for several years.

 During the interview, you should ascertain:

  • Current level and sources of funding of the research program
  • Facilities/resources available
  • Length of guaranteed financial support
  • Will you be required/allowed to write a postdoctoral grant proposal?
  • Mentor’s expectations for you - what will be your role in the lab?
  • Technical assistance for your experiments - student or technician?
  • Will the mentor determine the research program or will you have some autonomy?
  • Philosophy on taking part of project as your own independent research
  • Authorship practices – will you contribute to other papers besides your first author papers?
  • Policy on travel to conferences
  • Expected work hours
  • Are there regular laboratory meetings to review progress and discuss science?
  • Does the PI have time for mentoring?
  • Is there a postdoc office that provides professional development training?
  • Other responsibilities/opportunities
    • Grantwriting
    • Training graduate students
    • Teaching
    • Taking additional classes
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