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Job Search: CV

A comprehensive statement that includes your academic background, teaching, and research experience.

Points to consider before you begin:

  • Increases in length as you gain experience and establish a publication record
  • Lists information within each major section in reverse chronological order, listing the most recent first. Includes information going back to your undergraduate years
  • Lists your teaching experience first when applying to small liberal arts colleges or community colleges and add a section for community or academic service
  • Reports all pertinent information and be honest about your abilities
  • Consult with advisors, professors and others knowledgeable regarding your CV

Information to include:


Name, address, telephone number, and email address. Be sure to include your departmental address and home address for academic application. Do not include information regarding age, marital status, race, gender identity, ethnicity, etc.


List all institutions, degrees and completion (or expected) dates in reverse chronological order- stating the most recent first. If you attended an institution but did not complete a degree, you do not need to list it unless you feel the training is beneficial to your career.


List title of dissertation beneath the information on your doctoral degree including the name of your adviser. Some fields require a description of the dissertation on your vitae. Consult with faculty members or a career counselor on this topic.

Postdoctoral Experience

As with your dissertation, provide the title and a brief description of your work and the name of your adviser. Your description needs to explain how your postdoc work differs from your dissertation.

Teaching Experience

Include all full-time, part-time and adjunct teaching experience in reverse chronological order. List your title, dates of employment, name of each course, and a brief description of your responsibilities. Be sure to include your involvement in course design, preparation of materials, weekly instruction and grading.

Awards, Fellowships, Honors & Grants

List applicable awards since you entered college in reverse chronological order. Include the date of receipt, name of the department and institution.


Include bibliographic citations of articles, pamphlets, patents and research reports you have published. Use the form of citation appropriate to your field. A signed contract and a firm sense of when the publication will appear in print are necessary for a "forthcoming" publication.

Research Interests & Teaching Competencies

Describe your current research interests and teaching competencies. List no more than four or five areas under each heading, in order of preference. Be sure to list general categories and specialized areas as well. This allows the employer to be aware that you are willing and capable to teach the undergraduate and general education requirements offered in their departments.

Professional Affiliations

List the major professional organizations to which you belong. Indicate the level of involvement if you have served in one or more of these organizations, as well. Committees are also worth mentioning as they demonstrate interests areas as well as applicable skills.

Other Possible Categories

Academic Service, Community Service, Foreign Study and Licensure
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