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Sample One-Year* Job Search Campaign Plan

A high quality job search campaign results in truly desired job offers.  Including preparation and implementation, it will take 200 – 400 hours or more.  Some campaigns can be condensed to a couple of months; however, most active professionals find that a one-year plan is more realistic. Whatever time you can and do spend on the job search campaign, the process will be more effective and less stressful if you can break it into pieces and proceed by steps.

*Note: For the Academic Research/Teaching Sector start 18 months ahead; For Commercial/Industrial, Not-For-Profit, Government, Military, Hybrid Organizations, etc., 12-months is recommended.

Sample One-Year Job Search Campaign Plan (PDF)

Months 1 and 2

Spend an hour each week on Self-Assessment. Investigate the job search process. Schedule your time.

  • Use books, articles, checklists, written exercises, feedback from mentors, colleagues, friends, family members, counselors, advisors, etc. 

Results: List of personal strengths and preferences
              Statement of desired Professional Role/Professional Objective

Months 3 through 8

Spend one to four hours each week doing research on career possibilities, including conducting informational interviews.

  • Define Target Area(s) of interest, and list specific targets with detailed contact and organizational information.
  • Draft communication materials (Core Message/Elevator Speech, CV/Resume, Research/Teaching Philosophy Statements, etc.).
  • Begin to practice your delivery, and get trusted feedback.  Schedule your time.

Results: Confirm and refine Professional Role/Professional Objective
              General Target Area(s) defined, and specific target organizations identified
              Communications Materials prepared

Spend one to four hours each week on Personal Networking, including practicing your delivery.

  • Connect with targets. Get curious about other professionals, and offer information and help to them as well.

Results: Get the message out about you and your availability
              Gather information about targets and potential targets
              Meet organizational Insiders, gain information and referrals
              Meet Hiring Officials, gain information and feedback
              Refine and tailor communications materials to respond to targets’ needs and wants

Months 9 through 12

Spend at least one full day each week on actively seeking jobs and sending out applications.

  • Implement ≥ 2 appropriate job search strategies (e.g., postings, networking, agencies, direct contact, etc.).
  • Continue Networking.
  • Prepare for and conduct Interviews – Telephone, SKYPE, In-Person, etc. – and follow up.
  • Continue to develop and refine target information and communication materials.

Results: Meet/Interview with Hiring Officials and Search Teams
              Receive and Negotiate Offers


Now celebrate the new position you’ve landed, and prepare to start work!
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