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Self-Assessment: Skills

These questions will help you identify the skills you would like to incorporate in your career.

 Answer on your own:

  1. What were you doing when someone has complimented you or told you that you are really good at...? Write down at least five compliments here.
  2. What do you naturally do well?
  3. List the skills you have obtained in school, community service, past/present employment, hobbies, internet, computer, sports/recreation, studying/learning, peers/colleagues, religion, community, leaders/role models, watching/observing others, religion, community, culture, teachers, family, friends, day-to-day experiences, books, trial and error and failure.
  4. What are your ten greatest successes to date (in your eyes)?

 Answer with family members, friends and/or co-workers:

  1. Ask family members, friends, mentors what are you good at or sets you apart from others.
  2. Ask close friends/family what career they think you would enjoy or be good at and why. (Many times our close friends, family, co-workers know us better than we know ourselves).
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