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Self-Assessment: Transferable Skills

It is important to consider the skills you have now and how they relate to the skills of a desired position.

To clarify which skills you currently possess use the following letters (I, H or D):

I - Irrelevant to you as a skill
H - Currently have/had as a skill
D - Would like to develop as a skill

______ Research information

______ Synthesize and evaluate data

______ Supervising

______ Present information persuasively

______ Write papers, proposals or grants

______ Coordinate a program

______ Take risks

______ Teach others conceptualizing and explaining

______ Edit and proofread text

______ Lead a team or group of people

______ Counsel people

______ Design a research experiment

______ Budget an activity

______ Organize a protest

______ Listen to others attentively

______ Decide quickly and efficiently

______ Analyze situations

______ Speak/write/read other languages

______ Create art/music/literature

______ Manage multiple tasks

______ Computer skills (i.e. WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint)

______ Organize complex data

______ Working independently


______ Setting goals

______ Flexibility/Adaptability

______ Time management

______ Managing conflict

______ Setting and meeting deadlines

______ Selling ideas or a product

______ Create innovative solutions

______ Delegating responsibility

______ Resourceful

______ Negotiating

______ Facilitating group discussion

______ Enlisting help

______ Juggle multiple demands

______ Leadership

______ Detail-oriented

______ Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)

______ Communication skills (written, verbal and presentation)

______ Collaborating with a team

______ Identify important questions

______ Public speaking

______ Preparing a course syllabus

______ Developing content for a course
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