Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin

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Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Reporting

MCW will annually report to the Consortium on uses of the Funds relating to the research and education allocation (65%).  The Consortium will review this information for the purposes of preparing an advisory report to the MCW Board of Trustees on the use of the Funds for research and education (65%).  The Consortium will also prepare an advisory report to the MCW Board of Trustees regarding the use of the funds allocated for public health (35%). The Consortium report will include an evaluation of the programs or projects funded; whether the Funds are supplanting federal, state or local government appropriations or internal MCW non-grant funds; the extent of funding of community-based initiatives with respect to the portion of the Funds allocated to health care provider education and medical research; whether the public health percentage of the Funds is awarded for public health community-based initiatives as required by the Consortium standards described in this Plan; whether the Funds are awarded or budgeted in accordance with this Plan; and the financial status of the Funds.  The Consortium is not required to evaluate each program or project annually but will determine and report on the timeline and means of evaluation of each program and project.

MCW will, at least every five years, engage in a planning process to develop a five-year plan for the application of the Funds with participation of the Consortium and the public.  The Consortium must approve the portion of the five-year plan that addresses public health.  The Consortium will make an advisory recommendation to the MCW Board of Trustees concerning the remaining portion of the plan.  A copy of each five-year plan that is approved by the MCW Board of Trustees will be provided to the Consortium and the Wisconsin United for Health Foundation (so long as the Foundation exists).

The Order requires that at least every five years, MCW will obtain a program and financial audit of the Funds from the Legislative Audit Bureau, or in the alternative, at the sole discretion of the College, from an independent firm approved by, or selected under standards approved by, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.  The Audit Report will be submitted to the Consortium and the Foundation (so long as the Foundation exists).  To comply with this requirement, the College will cause the Funds to be audited in accordance with an audit plan consistent with the Order and subject to standards approved by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.  The audit will be performed by independent auditors nominated by the Audit Committee and appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Medical College of Wisconsin.



The State of Wisconsin’s Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) reported its findings on May 12, 2010 on evaluations it conducted of programs at The Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health that were created from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield United of Wisconsin conversion.

In general, the findings on MCW’s Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin program were understandable and constructive. MCW will continue to work with the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance’s office to clarify aspects of the Commissioner’s order. As always in an audit, opportunities are identified for improvement, and we welcome the suggestions offered.

The complete LAB audit report may be found at:
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