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Resident Assistant Program


  1. To increase awareness and interest in the field of anesthesiology early on in medical school.
  2. To provide medical students with more opportunity to participate in the supervised administration of anesthesia and to allow an in-depth experience and a better understanding of the science and practice of anesthesiology.
  3. To showcase the Anesthesiology Residency Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


  1. Ten positions will be offered. Interested medical students from the M-2, M-3, and M-4 years may apply for the position of resident assistant.
  2. Resident assistants will work closely with the resident on call, with supervision and guidance of faculty on in-house call.
  3. Residents will work closely with resident assistants in order to maximize the learning experience gained through this program.


  1. The schedule will be approximately two shifts per month and will be flexible, with the understanding that the student’s academic responsibilities take priority.
  2. To assist in operating room set-up and turn over
  3. To prepare the patient for surgery, e.g., helping to start a peripheral IV, and assisting in the placement of arterial lines and central venous lines
  4. To gather preoperative data including laboratory results, vital signs, etc.
  5. To assist in performing regional nerve blocks
  6. To be involved in the entire perioperative management of the patient as deemed appropriate by the anesthesiology resident and faculty

(Commensurate with student’s academic level, abilities and training)

  • Arterial and intravenous catheter placement, interpretation and implications of invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Airway management skills
  • Resuscitation and fluid management
  • Anesthetic-related pathophysiology and pharmacology
  • Interpretation of laboratory studies such as arterial blood gas tensions and management of abnormal results


  1. Submit a CV and cover letter describing interest in the program.
  2. Acceptance to the program will be determined by a committee, in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, to insure that participation in the program will not compromise the student’s academic standing.


A participant of the Anesthesiology Resident Assistant Program who matches into the MCW Anesthesiology Residency will be eligible to receive a grant of $3,600.00 for student loan reduction for each year of completion of the Resident Assistant Program.

For more information please contact:
Christopher J. Plambeck, M.D.
Dept. of Anesthesiology
Tel. No. (414) 805-2715
Pager No. 407-2114
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