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The Medical College of Wisconsin's Department of Anesthesiology Currently Ranked 6th for Funding by the National Institutes of Health

Dr. David Warltier, Chairman, Dr. Zeljko Bosnjak, Vice Chairman, and Dr. Thomas Ebert, Vice Chairman for Education and Program Director, are please to announce the Department of Anesthesiology is currently ranked 6th for funding by the National Institutes of Health.  

Special congratulations are due to the faculty members and their support personnel, who were successful in their pursuit of NIH research grants in the past year.  The Department of Anesthesiology is strongly committed to advancing knowledge in this specialty and does so in state-of-the-art facilities.  Residents are encouraged to participate in clinical and basic research being conducted at the College.

NIH funding received by the Medical College of Wisconsin's Department of Anesthesiology over the past 10 years:

Year       # of Grants      Funding Received
2002              13                    $3,400,808
2003              15                    $4,535,490
2004              11                    $3,581,177
2005              14                    $4,289,041
2006              13                    $4,185,089
2007              12                    $3,742,183
2008              11                    $4,547,630
2009              10                    $4,364,440
2010              10                    $4,468,810
2011              10                    $4,236,896
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