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Brian Smith, PhD, Assistant Professor who comes to us from The Scripps Research Institute where he was a postdoctoral research associate. His lab will study how post-translational modification of lysine and cysteine residues regulates protein function and how dysregulation contributes to cancer, neurodegeneration, and other aging-associated diseases. In particular, he plans on studying the oxidative post-translational modification of cysteine residues by nitrosation, sulfenylation, and sulfhydration. He will also determine the roles of sirtuin deacylases and bromodomain acyl-lysine binding domains in mammalian acyl-lysine signaling pathways. Welcome Brian!


To Dr. Jong-In Park for being selected to participate in the NCI-MATCH trial as a Translational Principal Investigator for the Dabrafenib & Trametinib in combination arm, which targets BRAF-driven cancer. NCI-MATCH trial is an unconventional clinical trial in which cohorts are determined based upon the genotypes of cancer rather than the organ of cancer origin.



Graduate Student News

We would like to welcome the following graduate students into the Department of Biochemistry. These students have completed their first year of graduate school and have now entered labs in which they intend to do their thesis and graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy. They are as follows:

Sarah Riutta - Volkman Lab
John Egner - Hill Lab
Josh Stafford - Corbett Lab
Adam Kanack - Scaglione Lab
Stephanie Santarriaga - Scaglione Lab
Aye Myat Myat Thin - Yan-Qing Ma Lab Blood Research Institute
Matt Waas - Gundry Lab

We would also like to welcome 3 new MSTP students. These students have completed their 2nd year of Medical School and have decided to become MD/PhD's. Upon completion of their PhD, they will return to medical school as 3rd year students.

Jimmy Miller - Dahms Lab
Monica Thomas - Volkman Lab
Andrew Kleist - Volkman Lab

Becky Holme is the 2014-2015 GSA Biochemistry Department Representative.



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