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Kurt Kolander

Graduate Student
Department of Biochemistry

 B.S., Wisconsin Lutheran College

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ravi Misra
Phone: (414) 955-4182

Research Area

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of cardiovascular development.

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the laboratory of Dr. Ravi Misra. I entered into the lab though the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The goal of my research is investigate the development of the cardiovascular system.  This system derives from a transient organ called the proepicardium.  During embryogenesis, proepicardium cells migrate to form the epicardium and the coronary vasculature.  My aim is to gain insight about the molecular and cellular mechanisms of this developmental process, which may one day be used for the advancement 
of cardiovascular therapies.
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