Bioinformatics Program

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Past Bioinformatics Program Projects



Established in 1997, the Wisconsin Pediatric Cardiac Registry (WPCR) engages in scientific and educational activities promoting and fostering research in congenital and acquired heart disease.  The long-term goal is the identification of causes and prevention of cardiovascular abnormalities in children. The Registry serves as a centralized source of information for heart abnormalities in Children. WPCR data will soon be integrated into the Generic Clinical Research Database.


The Center for International Blood & Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) has worked in the past with the Bioinformatics Program to store and analyze information used for the study of blood and marrow transplant research.



The Bioinformatics Program has worked with the MCW Proteomics Center hosting applications such as BioMart and Apropos. 



The Bioinformatics Center has developed a web-based application and database for the Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource (CPCTR) to assist with the tracking of clinical data used in prostate cancer research. 


The Specialized Center of Research for Ischemic Heart Disease (SCOR-IHD) represents a multidisciplinary project that focuses on solving basic (physiological, molecular, and genetic) and clinical (physiological and genetic) problems underlying this pathology.


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