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Biophysics News Archive

  • Cardiovascular Redox Biology Symposium to Draw Experts to Milwaukee.  The November 14, 2014 Cardiovascular Redox Signaling Symposium at the Medical College of Wisconsin will feature four internationally renowned keynote speakers: Ivor Benjamin, MD; John M. Denu, PhD; Richard A. Cohen, MD; and Jay W. Heinecke, MD.  They will address new vascular biology developments and redox biology concepts as related to cardiovascular disease.  This one-day free Redox Biology Program event will also incorporate MCW speakers, including cardiologists, biochemists, oncologists, physiologists, and biophysicists.  The symposium is a day before the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions in Chicago.  The redox biology meeting has already drawn a number of registered AHA participants. There will be a poster session, and the symposium will provide a continental breakfast and lunch.  The deadline for required registration is October 10, 2014. Please register here.
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