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National Biomedical EPR Center

The National Biomedical EPR Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin is one of the largest EPR facilities in the nation. It is a national P41 research resource supported by NCRR/NIH. Spectrometers are available for S-, X-, L-, Q- , and W-band EPR, many with ENDOR, ELDOR, saturation transfer, saturation recovery, and multiquantum capabilities. Numerous collaborations and many projects are underway in the Center. Read further about specific research projects below.

Free Radicals

Professor Balaraman Kalyanaraman is engaged in free radical research in the National Biomedical EPR Center. Their project is titled "X-Band/Q-Band Spin Trapping Development: Structure/Function Aspects of NOS-Generated Radicals." Dr. Kalyanaraman is also the Director of the Free Radical Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Spin Labels

Spin-labeling is a method used by many researchers in the Department of Biophysics. Read about their projects here.


Professors Brian Bennett and William E. Antholine conduct research on metalloproteins using such techniques as rapid quench and continuous wave EPR.

Methodology and Instrumentation

The National Biomedical EPR Center houses an expert group of EPR engineers. Read about the development of EPR instrumentation at the Medical College, as well as the development of methodology including broadband digital detection, signal analysis, and archiving in EPR spectroscopy.

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