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Balaraman Kalyanaraman, PhD
Harry R. & Angeline E. Quadracci Professor in Parkinson’s Research
Chairman and Professor of Biophysics

William E. Antholine, PhD
Associate Professor

Jimmy B. Feix, PhD

Neil Hogg, PhD

James S. Hyde, PhD
The James S. Hyde Professor of Biophysics

Andrzej Jesmanowicz, PhD

Kevin Koch, PhD
Associate Professor

Candice S. Klug, PhD

Shi-Jiang Li, PhD

Andrew S. Nencka, PhD
Assistant Professor

W. Karol Subczynski, PhD, DSc

Jeannette Vasquez Vivar, PhD



 Secondary Appointments

Piero Antuono, MD
Professor of Neurology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology
Director of the Dementia Research Center

Jeffrey R. Binder, MD
Professor, Department of Neurology
Director, Language Imaging Laboratory

Joseph Carroll, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of

Edgar A. DeYoe, PhD
Professor, Department of Radiology

Andrew S. Greene, PhD
Professor, Department of Physiology
Director, Center for Biotechnology &

Anthony G. Hudetz, PhD
Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

Neil Mandel, PhD
Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology
Associate Dean of Research, Zablocki VA Medical Center

Christopher P. Pawela, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery

Robert W. Prost, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology

Kathleen M. Schmainda, PhD 
Professor, Department of Radiology

Reza Shaker, MD
Professor, Chief and Joseph E. Grennen
Professor in Gastroenterology
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research

Adjunct Appointments


Brian Bennett, MA (CANTAB), DPhil
Professor, Marquette University

John D. Gassert, PhD
Professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Jay Goldberg, PhD
Professor, Marquette University

Wendy E. Huddleston, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Richard R. Mett, PhD
Professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Daniel B. Rowe, PhD
Associate Professor, Marquette University

Robert A. Strangeway, PhD
Professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Ming Zhao, PhD
Associate Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
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