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Kevin M. Koch, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin
Departments of Biophysics and Radiology


Yale University, Ph.D., 2006, Physics
Truman State University, BS, 2001, Physics

Research Interests

As a new faculty member at MCW, I am planning to continue and extend my magnetic resonance research interests that were established in the GE Applied Science Laboratory. 

1.  Metal artifact reduction methods for MRI

  • A number of groups, both academic and industrial have been developing and improving 3D Multi-Spectral Imaging (3D-MSI) techniques for reducing metal artifacts around large and high magnetic-susceptibility metallic devices. At GE, I was the lead developer of the 3D-MSI technology that was eventually released as the MAVRIC SL product application. At MCW, I am continuing my projects that seek to further improve 3D-MSI and help to establish this technology as a clinical standard of care for assessment of soft-tissue and bone pathology in the near vicinity of implanted instrumentation.

2.  Application development at 7T

  • As the new 7T system installed at MCW, I am examining a number of opportunities for new application investigations at ultra-high field strength. Stay tuned, I'll be sure to update this page as my research plans develop. 

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