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Selected Publications

 Shi-Jiang Li


Babaei A, Kern M, Antonik S, Mepani R, Ward BD, Li SJ, Hyde J, Shaker R. Enhancing effects of flavored nutritive stimuli on cortical swallowing network activity. Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 299:G422-G429 (2010).

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Mantsch JR, Wisniewski S, Vranjkovic O, Peters C, Becker A, Valentine A, Li SJ, Baker DA, Yang Z. Levo-tetrahydropalmatine attenuates cocaine self-administration under a progressive-ratio schedule and cocaine discrimination in rats. Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. 97:310-316 (2010).

Xie C, Li SJ, Shao Y, Fu L, Goveas J, Ye E, Li W, Cohen AD, Chen G, Zhang Z, Yang Z. Identification of hyperactive intrinsic amygdala network connectivity associated with impulsivity in abstinent heroin addicts. Behav. Brain Res. 216:639-646 (2011).

Zhou J, Liu X, Song W, Yang Y, Zhao Z, Ling F, Hudetz AG, Li SJ. Specific and nonspecific thalamocortical functional connectivity in normal and vegetative states.Conscious Cogn. 2010 Nov 13. [Epub ahead of print]


Lee T, Jarome T, LI SJ, Kim JJ, Helmstetter FJ. Chronic stress selectively reduces hippocampal volume in rats: A longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging study. Neuroreport 20:1554-1558 (2009).

Yang Z, Xie J, Shao YC, Xie CM, Fu LP, Li DJ, Fan M, Ma L, LI SJ. Dynamic neural responses to cue-reactivity paradigms in heroin-dependent users: An fMRI study. Hum. Brain Mapp. 30:766-775 (2009).


Ellingson BM, Kurpad SN, LI SJ, Schmit BD. In vivo diffusion tensor imaging of the rat spinal cord at 9.4T. J. Magn. Reson. Imaging 27:634-642 (2008).

Kufahl P, Li Z, Risinger R, Rainey C, Piacentine L, Wu G, Bloom A, Yang Z, LI SJ. Expectation modulates human brain responses to acute cocaine: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Biol. Psychiatry 63:222-230 (2008).

Xu Y, Xu G, Wu G, Antuono P, Rowe DB, LI SJ. The phase shift index for marking functional asynchrony in Alzheimer's disease patients using fMRI. Magn. Reson. Imaging 26:379-392 (2008).

Yang Z, Shao YC, LI SJ, Qi JL, Zhang MJ, Hao W, Jin GZ. Medication of l-tetrahydropalmatine significantly ameliorates opiate craving and increases the abstinence rate in heroin users: A pilot study. Acta Pharmacol. Sin. 29:781-788 (2008).

Ying L, Liu B, Steckner MC, Wu G, Wu M, LI SJ. A statistical approach to SENSE regularization with arbitrary k-space trajectories. Magn. Reson. Med. 60:414-421 (2008).


Kufahl P, Rowe D, LI S-J. Processing the acute cocaine fMRI response in human brain with Bayesian source separation. Digital Signal Processing 17:965-978 (2007).

Mantsch J, LI SJ, Risinger R, Awad S, Katz E, Baker D, Yang Z. Levo-tetrahydropalmatine attenuates cocaine self-administration and cocaine-induced reinstatement in rats. Psychopharmacology 192:581-591 (2007).

Xi Z-X, Yang Z, LI SJ, Li X, Dillon C, Peng X-Q, Spiller K, Gardner E. Levo-tetrahydropalmatine inhibits cocaine's rewarding effects: Experiments with self-administration and brain-stimulation reward in rats. Neuropharmacology 53:771-782 (2007).

Xu G, Antuono P, Jones J, Xu Y, Wu G, Ward D, LI S-J. Perfusion fMRI detects deficits in regional CBF during memory-encoding tasks in MCI subjects. Neurology 69:1650-1656 (2007).

Xu Y, Wu G, Rowe D, Ma Y, Zhang R, Xu G, LI S-J. COmplex-model-based estimation of thermal noise for fMRI data in the presence of artifacts. Magn. Reson. Imaging 25:1079-1088 (2007).


Liu H, Rainey C, Lauer K, Piacentine L, Bloom A, Risinger R, Ward D, Stein E, LI SJ. Peripheral blood pressure changes induced by dobutamine do not alter BOLD signals in the human brain. Neuroimage 30:745-752 (2006).

Schulte M, LI SJ, Hyde J, Hudetz A. Digit tapping model of functional activation in the rat somatosensory cortex. J. Neuro. Meth. 157:48-53 (2006).

Xu G, Xu Y, Wu G, Antuono P, Hammeke T, LI SJ. Task-modulation of functional synchrony between spontaneous low-frequency oscillations in the human brain detected by fMRI. Magn. Reson. Med. 56:41-50 (2006).


Kufahl P, Li Z, Risinger R, Rainey R, Wu G, Bloom A, LI SJ. Neural responses to acute cocaine administration in the human brain detected by fMRI. Neuroimage 28:904-914 (2005).

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Lu H, Jesmanowicz A, Li SJ, Hyde JS. Momentum-weighted conjugate gradient descent algorithm for gradient coil optimization. Magn. Reson. Med. 51:158-164 (2004).

Lu H, Patel S, Luo F, LI SJ, Hillard C, Ward BD, Hyde JS. Spatial correlation of laminar BOLD and CBV responses to rat whisker stimulation with neuronal activity localized by Fos expression. Magn. Reson. Med. 52:1060-1068 (2004).

Luo F, Xi Z-X, Wu G, Liu C, Gardner EL, LI SJ. Attenuation of brain response to heroin correlates with the reinstatement of heroin-seeking in rats by fMRI. Neuroimage 22:1328-1335 (2004).

Xi Z-X, Wu G, Stein EA, LI SJ. Opiate tolerance by heroin self-administration: An fMRI study in rat. Magn. Reson. Med. 52:108-114 (2004).
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