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  9.4 T Bruker BioSpec 94/30 USR In Vivo Spectroscopy Imaging System

9.4 Tesla animal scannerThe Bruker BioSpec system has an actively shielded 9.4 Tesla magnet with a 31-cm warm bore. This system has magnetic field uniformities of 0.1 ppm over a 70-mm DSV and 10 ppm over a 180-mm DSV. To keep such high levels of magnetic field uniformity, there are 12 user-adjustable shim coils. An infrastructure is in place to augment the vendor-supplied shims with six additional shim coils, which can be used to further enhance magnetic field uniformity for imaging and spectroscopic studies. Gradients up to 100 mT/m can be generated along all three axes. The radio frequency system has two transmission channels capable of experiments on 1H, 19F, 13C, 14N, and 31P nuclei, and two matching receiver channels capable of 16-bit resolution at a 2 MHz sampling rate. This collection of hardware allows us to gather high-quality images and spectroscopic data since the shim system generates extremely uniform fields, and gradients, in conjunction with the radio frequency transmission and receiver subsystems, allow data to be collected at extremely high rates, which is necessary for fMRI studies.

  Equipment for Small-Animal Research

Two-Channel Dual Probe, PO2, EEG, and Laser Doppler Flow Monitor (Oxy Flo:Oxy Lite), Oxford Optronix Inc.
Laser-Doppler Flowmeter, EEG-Recording, Oxford Array
Blood Gas Analyzer, Radiometer ABL3
Video Records (3), JVC
Small Animal Ventilator, CWE 830
Rodent Capnograph, Stoelting
Temperature Controller, YSI 73A
Stereotaxic Apparatus, Kopf 9001
Infusion Pumps, Harvard Apparatus
Analytical Balance, Mettler AB 104, H10T
Anesthetic Monitor, Criticare POETII
Polygraph, Astro-Med MT 950001
Surgical Microscope, Bausch & Lomb
North American Drager Anesthetic Vaporizers (3)
Medical Gas Analyzer, Perkin-Elmer 1100 FHC OTS
FM Data Recorder, A.R. Vetter 620 (2)
Black & White Video Camera Dage-MTI CCD –72
10-Channel Polygraphs, Grass Model 7 (2)
Color Video Monitor, Sony Trinitron PVM-1353
Microscope, Nikon Optiphot
X-Ray Developer and Dark Room
RC5B High-Speed Centrifuge
Forma –80 Degree Freezer
Syringe Pump, Harvard 4400
Reichert Jung Model 2200 Cryostat
AIS Imaging Research Computerized Microdensitometer
S48 Stimulator, Grass Telefactor
Isoflurane Vaporizer, Model 100F

  Additional Facilities and Equipment

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