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International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
15th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition and the Society for
Magnetic Resonance Technologists 16th Annual Meeting
Berlin, Germany
May 20–25, 2007

Standardization Decreases Interpatient Differences in rCBV Measurements as a Function of Brain Tumor Grade
D Bedekar, T Jensen, M Fishman, K Kvasnica, E Paulson, M Wagner Schuman, D Prah, K Schmainda

Cortical Brain Mapping of the Rat Forelimb Using fMRI at 9.4T by Direct Nerve Stimulation
YR Cho, CP Pawela, R Li, ML Schulte, J-G Yan, SS Jaradeh, HS Matloub, JS Hyde

Mapping Single Digit Cortical Representation in the Rat Using Systematic Nerve Transection and fMRI at 9.4T
CP Pawela, YR Cho, R Li, J-G Yan, SS Jaradeh, HS Matloub, JS Hyde

Detecting Responses to Single Light Flashes in the Rodent Brain Using Laser Doppler and fMRI at 9.4T
ML Schulte, CP Pawela, YR Cho, R Li, AG Hudetz, JS Hyde

Comparing Rodent Forepaw Stimulation Under Two Levels of Domitor Anesthesia Using Laser Doppler and fMRI at 9.4T
CP Pawela, ML Schulte, YR Cho, R Li, AG Hudetz, JS Hyde

Complex Analysis of ASL fMRI Data Yields More Focal Activation
DB Rowe, L Hernandez-Garcia, GR Lee

Constant Phase Statistical Method Better Localizes Activations Than Phase Regressor Statistical Method
AS Nencka, DB Rowe

Two fMRI Indices as Markers for Alzheimer Disease
DB Rowe, S-J Li

Proton Spectroscopy Without Water Suppression by Using High Speed A/D Converter
A Jesmanowicz

The Effective Connectivity Between the MTL and PCC Is Significantly Reduced in aMCI Subjects When Using Structural Equation Modeling
J Xie, G-G Xu, S-J Li

Heroin Cue‑Induced Neural Activation in Heroin Addicts: An fMRI Study
J Xie, Y-C Shao, D-J Li, C-M Xie, L-P Fu, L Ma, G-H Bi, S-J Li, Z Yang

T1 Mapped Acute Cocaine Induced Rat Brain Response with MEMRI at 9.4T
X Liu

Constant Phase Statistical Method Better Localizes Activations Than the Phase Regressor Statistical Method
AS Nencka, DB Rowe

A New Technique for Investigating the Biophysical Basis of Angiogenic Contrast in Solid Tumors Using Susceptibility-Based MRI
AP Pathak, BD Ward, KM Schmainda

rCBV Estimates in Tumor and Normal Brain Depend on Choice of Data Acquisition and Analysis Methods
ES Paulson, DE Prah, KM Schmainda

Correction of Contrast Agent Extravasation Effects in DSC-MRI Using Dual-Echo SPIRAL Provides a Better Reference for Evaluating PASL CBF Estimates in Brain Tumors
ES Paulson, DE Prah, KM Schmainda

Compensation of Confounding T1 and T2 Dipolar and Residual Susceptibility Effects in DSC-MRI Using Dual-Echo SPIRAL
ES Paulson, DE Prah, KM Schmainda

Probing Intracellular Compartments in Normal Brain and Brain Tumor Using Short Diffusion Times
DE Prah, ES Paulson, F Wu-Zimmer, KM Schmainda

In Vitro Mitochondrial Labeling Using Mito-Carboxy Proxyl (Mito-CP) Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
DE Prah, ES Paulson, J Zielonka, MJ Hardy, J Joseph, B Kalyanaraman, KM Schmainda

A Demonstration of T2 Leakage Effects on DSC CBV Measurements
DE Prah, ES Paulson, KM Schmainda

Acquisition Strategies to Improve the Specificity of Block-Design fMRI Studies of Overt Speech
DA Soltysik, JS Hyde

A Demonstration of the Feasibility of DSC in Evaluating Breast Tumor Blood Volume
ML Wagner Schuman, D Bedekar, ES Paulson, Q Kern, DE Prah, KM Schmainda

A Multiparameter DSC Study Demonstrates the Best Predictor of Brain Tumor Grade
ML Wagner Schuman, D Bedekar, K Kvasnica, M Fishman, ES Paulson, SD Rand, HGJ Krouwer, KM Schmainda

Avastin is Effective in Reducing rCBV in Fast Growing Human Tumor Xenografts
FC Wu-Zimmer, KM Schmainda, DE Prah, SN Kurpad

Turbo-Segmented Z-Shim EPI for Reduced Susceptibility-Induced Effects and Improved Temporal Resolution in fMRI
G Wu, S-J Li

Characterization of an Intrinsic Low-Frequency Component at Around 0.025 Hz in Steady-State fMRI Signals
Y Xu, G Xu, G Wu, S-J Li

Finger-Tapping Modulates Functional Synchrony in the Motor Cortex Network
Y Xu, G Wu, S-J Li
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