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Aniko Szabo, PhD 

Associate Professor
Division of Biostatistics
Institute for Health & Society
Education: PhD Applied Statistics, The University of Memphis, 1998


Phone: 414-955-4096
Fax: 414-955-6513
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Aniko Szabo is an Associate Professor and Director of the Biostatistics Consulting Service. Dr. Szabo's research interests are in statistical modeling of biomedical data. She has worked on analysis methods for PCR and microarray data, developing tree models of oncogenesis, nonparametric models of clustered discrete data, and population level models of the effect of screening on prostate cancer incidence. She collaborates with biomedical investigators across the entire spectrum of translational research from analyzing cellular assays, animal experiments, and observational studies in patients to designing prospective clinical trials and evaluation of policy impacts in national databases.


Selected Publications:

Okunseri C, Okunseri E, Garcia RI, Visotcky A, Szabo A. Predictors of Dental Care Use: Findings From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health., J Adolesc Health, 2013, to appear

Thall PF, Szabo A, Nguyen HQ, Amlie-Lefond CM, Zaidat OO. Optimizing the concentration and bolus of a drug delivered by continuous infusion. Biometrics. 67(4) 1638–1646, 2011.

Szabo A, George E. On the use of stochastic ordering to test for trend with clustered binary data. Biometrika. 97(1) 95–108, 2010.

Lee CM, Szabo A, Shrieve DC, Macdonald OK, Gaffney DK. Frequency and effect of adjuvant radiation therapy among women with stage I endometrial adenocarcinoma. JAMA 295(4), 389–397, 2006.

Szabo A, Perou CM, Karaca M, Perreard L, Quackenbush JF,  Bernard PS. Statistical modeling for selecting housekeeper genes. Genome Biol 5(8), R59, 2004.
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