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Alumni Information


PhD Alumni:

Peng He, PhD, 2014
Advisor: Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD
Thesis: Bias reduction by using covariate-adjusted censoring weights for survival and competing risks data
Employment after graduation: Amgen (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Kristin Ellis, PhD, 2013
Advisor: Aniko Szabo, PhD
Thesis: Developing Methods to Categorize Survival Data
Employment after graduation: Procter & Gamble

Franco Mendolia, PhD, 2013
Advisor: Tao Wang, PhD
Thesis: Pseudo-Observation Regression in the Presence of Left Truncation
Employment after graduation: German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Shuyuan Mo, PhD 2011
Advisor: Brent Logan, PhD
Thesis: Inference in the Presence of Crossing Survival Curves
Employment after graduation: Novartis

Changbin Guo, PhD 2011
Advisor: John Klein, PhD
Thesis: Regression Models for Association in Clustered Survival Data Based on Pseudo-Observations
Employment after graduation: SAS

Rodney Sparapani, PhD 2011
Advisor: Prakash Laud, PhD
Thesis: Generalized Linear Mixed Models in health Services Research with Large Data Banks: A Bayesian Implementation
Employment after graduation: The Medical College of Wisconsin

Xiaolin Fan, PhD 2008
Advisor: Prakash Laud, PhD
Thesis: Bayesian Nonparametric Inference for Competing Risks Data
Employment after graduation: Novartis

Nicholas Pajewski, PhD 2008
Advisor: Prakash Laud, PhD
Thesis: Bayesian Semiparametric Hierarchical Models for Genetic Association Studies in the Presence of Population Structure and Multiplicity

Yinghua Zhang, PhD 2007
Advisor: John P. Klein, PhD
Thesis: Selecting Between the Cox and Aalen Model for Censored Survival Data

Jingxia Liu, PhD 2007
Advisor: Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD
Thesis: Utilizing Propensity Scores to Test Treatment Effects in Survival Data

Xu Zhang, PhD 2005
Advisor: Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD
Thesis: Inference for Cumulative Incidence Function with Right Censored and/or Left Truncated Competing Risks Data

Leiyan Lu, PhD 2005
Advisor: John P. Klein, PhD
Thesis: Explained Variation in Survival Analysis and Hypothesis Testing for Current Leukemia Free Survival

Hong Wang, PhD 2004
Advisor: John P. Klein, PhD
Thesis: Inference for the Shared Power Variance Function Frailty Model and the Correlated Inverse Gaussion Frailty Model

Ruta Bajorunaite, PhD 2003
Advisor: John P. Klein, PhD
Thesis: Comparison of Failure Probabilities in the Presence of Competing Risks

Matthew Hayat, PhD 2002
Advisor: Prakash Laud, PhD
Thesis: Bayesian Methods for Longitudinal Data

Youyi Shu, PhD 2001
Advisor: John P. Klein, PhD
Thesis: Multistate Survival Models Theory And Applications

Jingtao Wu, PhD 2001,
Advisor: John P. Klein, PhD
Thesis: Statistical Methods For Discretizing A Continuous Covariate In A Censored Data Regression Model


MS Alumni:

Junmin Shi, MS 2012

Aaron Katch, MS 2012

Mikesh Shivakoti, MS 2012

Leann Watts, MS 2011

Vicotria Rajamanickam, MS 2007

Manoj Thakur, MS 2006

Alain DeClaux Tallasouop, MS 2006

Lauren Cerull, MS 2005
Thesis: Assessing Discharge Location for Geriatric Fall Patients

Christopher Meller, MS 2004
Thesis: Modeling fMRI Series Using a Nonlinear Method

Youyi Shu, MS 2001
Thesis: A SAS Macro for the Positive Frailty Model

Huajian Tang, MS 2000
Thesis: A Regression-Based Transmission / Disequilibrium Test For Binary Traits Using A Logit Link Function

Zhiyuan Xu, MS 1998
Thesis: A SAS Macro for the Score Test of Homogeneity for Survival Data

Philip Rowlings, MS 1997
Thesis: A Revised Severity Index For Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease Following HLA-Identical Sibling Bone Marrow Transplants For Leukemia

Thomas Chelius, MS 1997
Thesis: Analysis Of Variance With Structural Zeroes

Jian Chen, MS 1997
Thesis: A SAS Module For The Inverse Gaussian Frailty Model

Jeff Gudmonson, MS 1997
Thesis: A SAS Macro For The GAMMA Frailty Model

James Gapinski, MS 1996
Thesis: The Evaluation And Application Of Methods For Detecting Unnecessary Hospital Stay In Patients With Congestive Heart Failure

Alicia Howell, MS 1996
Thesis: A SAS Macro For The Additive Hazards Regression Model

Geraldine Brown, MS, 1996
Thesis: Effects of Prognostic Factors on Cataract in Family Data From The Beaver Dam Eye Study

Astrid Müller, MS 1995
Thesis: Evaluation Of Efficacy Of Endoscopy In Reducing Mortality And Morbidity Of Colorectal Cancer Using

Corey Pelz, MS 1995
Thesis: Analysis Of Survival Data: A Comparison Of Three Major Statistical Packages (SAS, SPSS, BMDP)
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