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About Us

The Division of Biostatistics is part of the Institute for Health and Society at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Purushottam "Prakash" Laud, Professor and Acting Director of the Division, along with his team of faculty, staff, and students are dedicated in providing basic biostatistical support to biomedical researchers. The Division comprises three cohesive units: PhD Program in Biostatistics, Research Arm-Methodological and Collaborative, and the Biostatistics Consulting Service.

  • PhD Program in Biostatistics: The program, established in 1996, is designed to train students in biostatistical methodology, theory and practice. The first PhD was awarded in 2003 and since then there have been 13 PhD degrees awarded. Graduates upon graduation are employed in faculty positions at major universities, in industry and in government.

    The program typically involves four to five years of study. Students take courses in biostatistical methods at both the applied and theoretical level in their first three years. Students also take required electives in a biological area. All students are given a fellowship for the first 18 months of study and are typically employed year round as research assistants after their fellowship. All students write a thesis with one of the Biostatistics faculty. This thesis involves original statistical research that can lead to publication in the biostatistical literature.

  • Research:

  • Biostatistics Consulting Service: The Biostatistics Consulting Service provides comprehensive statistical consulting and data entry services to clients inside and outside the Medical College.
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