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Datum  Volume XV - 2009

No. 5 Nov/Dec 2009

  • Bayesian Inference

  • National Survey of Children's Health

  • Haplotype Reconstruction using PHASE Software

  • 2D Strain Echo Predicts Viability Following Myocardial Infarction

No. 4 Sept/Oct 2009

  • Spaghetti Plots

  • On the Map

  • Multiple Comparisons

  • Software Options for Multiple Comparisons

  • Effect of Total Hip Arthroplasty on Bone Structure

No. 3 July/August 2009

  • National Nursing Assistant Survey

  • Three-dimensional Charts

  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  • Nonparametric Analysis Software

  • Comparing Footprint Area Between Gender and Age Groups

No. 2 May/June 2009

  • What Biostatistics Can Do For You

  • New Releases; Box-and-Whisker Plots

  • Contribution of Genetic Variants to Disease

  • On The Map

  • Logistic Regression   

No. 1 March/April 2009

  • Datum Newsletter Expands

  • The United States Census of Agriculture

  • Dot Plots

  • Paired Data

  • Review of Statistical Software

  • Publications & Presentations

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