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The Division of Biostatistics is one of the programs part of the Institute for Health & Society and was formed in 1993 as one of three divisions of the Health Policy Institute (also known as the Department of Population Health until June 2010). At that time the Division consisted of Professor John Klein as director who came to MCW from The Ohio State University, Professor Raymond Hoffmann, who was the only statistician in the Division of Clinical Biostatistics, Professor Tim McAullife who had been the MCW cancer center statistician and Professor Mei-Jie Zhang who was visiting the International Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

The Division has since grown to eleven full-time faculty:

In 1994, the Division started offering a terminal masters degree program in Biostatistics replacing the old masters in clinical biostatistics. The first graduate of this program was in 1995. Since its inception there have been 12 graduates of this program.

In 1996, a PhD program in Biostatistics was approved for study. This program combines theoretical work in statistical methods with applied experience in collaborative work. It is a joint effort with the statisticians in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 2001, Youyi Shu and Jingtao Wu became the first two awarded a PhD degree in Biostatistics.
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