Biostatistics Consulting Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

 I'm interested in using the Consulting Service for my research. How do I get started?

The first step is to submit an application form on our website. After submission, you will be contacted to set up an initial meeting, where you will be able to discuss your project with a MS and PhD statistician.

 Where is the Biostatistics Consulting Service located?

In the Health Research Center (HRC), suite H2400.

 Who is eligible to use the Consulting Service?

Any researchers who need statistical help on their projects can use the service, whether part of MCW or not.

 How are projects considered?

We take in all projects we feel we can offer assistance on. The most appropriate pair of statisticians are used depending on the analysis needed.

 Are there any authorship issues if my research gets published?

The department does not, officially, require the statisticians' names to be published in a research article on which they did statistical analysis.

 I'm interested in doing a study. When should I first contact you?

It is best to contact us as soon as possible, during the planning stage for your research.

 What should I bring along to the Consulting meeting?

If you are still in the planning stage:
          -Your research hypotheses.

          -Relevant papers from the literature.

          -Your advisor (if you are a student).

If you have already collected the data, you should bring some of the data with you (be sure there is no identifying in information). Also bring a research proposal or draft if applicable.

 What happens after the initial meeting?

We will send you a summary of the meeting which will discuss the statistical methodology we wish to use, as well an estimate of how much time we believe the project will take.

 What are the costs involved for statistical consulting?

For employees of MCW and affiliates (VA Medical Center, Froedtert, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Blood Center of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Marquette, and MSOE), consultation is free of charge. Funding is provided by CTSI, MCW Cancer Center, and MCW. 


For all other clients, the rates are as follows:

  • Faculty Biostatistician: $200 per hour

  • Staff Biostatistician: $100 per hour

 Do you offer any help for short statistical questions?

Free drop-in statistical help is offered everyday of the week at various times and locations. This is a good tool for those just getting started on their projects. Please see our drop-in page for more information.


 How much is the Drop-In Service?


 What software do you use?

 For statistical analysis we mainly use SAS software. R (a free version of Splus) is used sometimes as well.

 What software is available if I wish to do the analysis myself?

Depending on your level of statistical knowledge, there are many different programs are available. STATA is probably the best for people new relatively new to statistics. SPSS is another program that operates using an easier point and click interface. R and SAS are somewhat more advanced programs.

 I am having trouble with my statistical software. Who can help?

There are resources available for several different software packages:

  • SAS or STATA: Qun (Katelyn) Xiang,, 414-955-8391

  • R or CART: Aniko Szabo,, 414-955-4096

  • SPSS: Qun (Katelyn) Xiang,, 414-955-8391
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