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Michelle Broaddus, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Broaddus's interests are in HIV and STI prevention via condom promotion. Her research has been guided by the study of gender roles, how individuals negotiate condom use within relationships, and contexts of sexual risk among high-risk youth and adolescents. Current interests include the effects of gangs and gang membership on community and individual risk, and the use of social media technology (e.g., text-messaging, social networking sites) in sexual relationships, including condom negotiation.


Telephone: 414.955.7700
Fax: 414.287.4206

PhD: Social Psychology; University of Colorado, Boulder
MS:  Social Psychology; University of Colorado, Boulder
BS: Psychology; Centre College

Broaddus, M.R. & Marsch, L.A. (in press).  Risks and benefits of test message-delivered and small group-delivered sexual health interventions among African American women in the Midwestern U.S. Ethics and Behavior. NIHMSID: NIHMS625641

Broaddus, M.R. & Dickson-Gomez, J. (2013). Text messaging for sexual communication and safety among African American young adults. Qualitative Health Research, 23(10), 1344-1353. PMCID: PMC4163479

Broaddus, M.R., Schmiege, S.J., & Bryan, A.D. (2011). An expanded model of the temporal stability of condom use intentions: Gender-specific predictors among high-risk adolescents. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 42, 99-110. PMCID: PMC3140620

Broaddus, M.R., Morris, H., & Bryan, A.D. (2010). 'It's not what you said, it's how you said it': Perceptions of condom proposers by gender and strategy. Sex Roles, 62(9-10), 603-614. PMCID: PMC2882313

Bryan, A.D., Schmiege, S.J., & Broaddus, M.R. (2009). HIV risk reduction among detained adolescents: A randomized, controlled trial. Pediatrics, 124(6), e1180-e1188.

Schmiege, S.J., Broaddus, M.R., Levin, M., & Bryan, A.D. (2009). Theoretically-based mechanisms of an alcohol-related sexual risk reduction intervention among incarcerated adolescents. Journal of Counseling and Consulting Psychology, 77, 38-50.

Broaddus, M.R., & Bryan, A.D. (2008). Consistent condom use among juvenile detainees: The role of individual differences, social bonding, and health beliefs. AIDS and Behavior, 12, 59-67.

Bryan, A.D., Schmiege, S.J., & Broaddus, M.R. (2007). Mediational analysis in HIV/AIDS research: Estimating multivariate path analytic models in a structural equation modeling framework. AIDS and Behavior, 11, 365-383.

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Hamilton, M.C., Anderson, D., Broaddus, M.R., & Young, K. (2006). Gender stereotyping and under-representation of female characters in 200 popular children's picture books: A twenty first century update. Sex Roles, 55, 757-765.

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