Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR)

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Andrew E. Petroll, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Disease)
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Dr. Petroll is an infectious disease specialist with a focus on the care of HIV-positive patients. His research interests include how patients' risk behaviors for HIV transmission are addressed in clinical settings, how patient-physician interactions affect the disclosure and discussion of HIV risk behaviors, and how patient and physician characteristics influence such discussions. He is interested in studying the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving HIV risk behavior discussions between health care providers and both HIV-negative and HIV-positive patients, assessing HIV testing behaviors within high-risk populations, and intervening to increase serostatus testing.

Telephone: 414.955.7700
Fax: 414.287.4206

MD:  Infectious Diseases; University of Wisconsin, Madison
MS:  Epidemiology; Medical College of Wisconsin
BS:  Molecular Biology; University of Wisconsin, Madison

Petroll, A.E. & Mitchell, J.W. (in press). Health insurance and disclosure of same-sex sexual behaviors among gay and bisexual men in same-sex relationships. LGBT Health.

Petroll, A.E., Phelps, J.K., Fletcher, K.E. (in press). Implementation of an electronic medical record does not change delivery of preventive care for HIV-positive patients. International Journal of Medical Informatics.

Petroll, A.E. & Frank, M. (in press). Drug interactions with medications used for HIV/AIDS. In Mozayani, A. (ed). Handbook of Forensic Drug Interactions, 2nd edition. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press.

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Nielsen, C.F., Sethi, V., Petroll, A.E., Kazmierczak, J., Erickson, B.R., Nichol, S.T., Rollin, P.E., & Davis, J.P. (2010). Seoul virus infection in a Wisconsin patient with recent travel to China, March 2009: First documented case in the midwestern United States. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 83, 1266-1268.

Mosack, K.E. & Petroll, A. (2009). Patients' perspectives on informal caregiver involvement in HIV health care appointments. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 12, 1043-51. PMCID: PMC2832646

Petroll, A.E., Galletly, C.L., Havens, P.L., Kwiecinski, M.F., Pinkerton, S.D. (2008). Updated CDC guidelines for HIV testing: A review for Wisconsin clinicians of updated guidelines for HIV screening. Wisconsin Medical Journal, 107(2), 84-90. PMCID: PMC2536748

Petroll, A.E., DiFranceisco, W., McAuliffe, T.L., Seal, D.W., Kelly, J.A., & Pinkerton, S.D. (2008). HIV testing rates, testing locations, and healthcare utilization among urban African-American men. Journal of Urban Health, 86, 119-131. PMCID: PMC2629519

Galletly, C.L., Pinkerton, S.D., & Petroll, A.E. (2008). CDC recommendations for opt-out testing and reactions to unanticipated HIV diagnoses. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 22, 189-193. PMCID: PMC2728134

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