MCW Cancer Center Administrative Staff and Contact Information

Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center administration offices are located on the 5th floor of the Froedtert & Medical College Clinical Cancer Center in Suite 5300. Administration staff are also located in Cancer Center space on the 4th floor of the Translational & Biomedical Research Center (TBRC).

The general office number is (414) 805-8200 and the fax number is (414) 805-8282.

Marilyn Larson, MBA
Associate Director of Administration
MCW Cancer Center
414.805.8208 |

Brenda Brito
Business Manager
414.805.8268 |

Anne Quimby Mathias
Manager, Communications & Community Engagement Programs
414.805.8258 |

Maureen Bazelon
Research Program Coordinator
Cancer Biology and Tumor Progression & Metastasis Programs
414.805.8288 |

Stephanie Dhein
Research Program Coordinator
Hematologic Malignancy & Transplantation and Population Sciences Programs 414.805.8259 |

Chelsea Von Ruden
Financial Analyst
Located in the CTO Space, 2nd Floor Clinical Cancer Center
414.955.5831 | Fax: 414.955.6059

Betty Oleson, BSN, RN, CCRP
Administrative Director, Clinical Trials Office
414.805.8218 |

Kathleen (Kitty) Marquardt
Research Program Manager
414.805.0636 |

Michael (Mike) Anello
Research Grants Coordinator
Located on the 4th Floor TBRC
414.955.2802 | Fax: 414.955.6059

Carrie O'Connor
Clinical Research Scientific Writer
Located in the CTO Space, 2nd Floor Clinical Cancer Center
414.805.1983 |

Michele Ward
Administrative Assistant III to Dr. Ming You, Cancer Center Director and Marilyn Larson, Associate Director of Administration
414.805.8278 |

Erin M. Harmann
Administrative Assistant III to Dr. James Thomas and Dr. Melinda Stolley
414.805.8334 |

Oliva Wenzel
Administrative Assistant II to Betty Oleson, Brenda Brito & Kitty Marquardt
Administrative Support, Clinical Trials Office
414.805.8298 |

Sharon Brown
Administrative Assistant III to Anne Q. Mathias
Supporting Communications, Events & Community Engagement Programs
414.805.3158 |

Kathleen Schilz
Administrative Assistant III
Supporting the Labs and Staff of the 4th Floor TBRC
Located on the 4th Floor TBRC
414.955.8238 | Fax: 414.955.6059

Rachel Italiano
Clerk I
Supporting the Research Program and Communications Teams
414.805.8200 |

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