To my colleagues, partners and friends, old and new:

I could not be more proud of each one of you and the work you’ve done to design and create our new Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office (CTO).  Although  these last few months have often been challenging, and marked by long hours and lots of hard work, we never stopped doing what we do best—opening and supporting clinical trials, and providing the highest standard of care for the patients willing to help advance the science of cancer research and treatment. 

This transition would not have happened as smoothly or as well without the strong leadership of our Steering Committee and the incredible CTO team we’ve assembled.  

Dr. Thomas is absolutely the right person to lead this effort.  Not only does he have the real-world experience of building a Clinical Trials Office at Ohio State, but he is a pleasure to work with and for.  He understands the effort it takes every day to make our clinical trials program a success, truly believes in the project and the team we have assembled.

I am extremely grateful to the MCW Office of Research for assigning Mike Gill to assist with our project implementation – both our Clinical Trial Management System and the CTO as an entity.  I have learned so much from Mike’s approach to processes and challenges. Without his involvement, I know the implementation would not have been done as enjoyably, successfully, and certainly not in the same timeframe. 

This new model, with changes in research staff and project management, requires a commitment of personnel and fiscal support from several departments.   Our success in this endeavor is due to the work of many instrumental people, beginning with Brenda Brito, our business manager, who works very effectively with Departmental leadership, MCW Human Resources and the MCW Controllers Office.  Their collaborative attitude and commitment to this project made it happen.

We have been extremely lucky in finding so many talented new staff to support an already strong team.  The formation of the Cancer CTO created additional and new roles, and gave us the opportunity to reassign staff, better use talent and promote from within.  One of the most significant benefits of the new CTO model, with dedicated regulatory, budgetary and educational support teams, is that it allows our clinical research managers and coordinators to focus on the patients.  I am looking forward to the coming months and seeing the full impact of our new model, processes and teams on clinical cancer trials at MCW. 

Thank you all for your hard work, knowledge and expertise. This experience has been one of learning and growth, of building new relationships and strengthening old ones.  I am honored to work with each one of you. 


Warm regards,




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