CTO Implementation Project UpdateMike Gill (left) leads a process improvement meeting with support from Betty Oleson, Phyllis Wattleworth and Sue Mauermann.

With Phase I of the centralized cancer Clinical Trials Office Implementation and Clinical Trials Management Software (CTMS)  Project completed on-time and on-budget, project leader Mike Gill has nothing but praise for the CTO team, and the work they’ve completed thus far.

“From the beginning we knew there were minimum resources available to support this project and that all of the trial coordinators had to work their regular jobs in addition to doing what’s required for this project.  This takes a huge commitment, and they are all doing a fantastic job. Their effort is why we’re seeing the success we are.”

Mike’s admiration is not just for the team he’s supporting.  When asked what he wanted others to know about the project, he had this to say:

“Dr. Thomas’s (James Thomas, MD, PhD) leadership has just been terrific.  He does an amazing job matching people and their abilities to the right job.  Like Betty (Betty Oleson, BSN, RN, CCRP).  She’s an amazing manager and Dr. Thomas recognized that right away.  She works hard, but she also works really smart, and that makes a big difference.”

It’s clear the CTO Implementation Project team works both hard and smart, as evidenced by the many accomplishments since the early 2012 kick-off.

A significant task was to identify and engage with the many campus-, affiliate- and community-wide stakeholders that are impacted by a new centralized Clinical Trials Office.  This presented a rare opportunity to streamline and optimize processes across a large number of disparate groups.

“We documented the clinical trials process first and used that to drive our software (CTMS) selection.  Now we are challenging every step in the process before we automate as many of them as possible.  The hope is that the improvements we make here can benefit the rest of the institution.  That’s what Dr. Gutterman was looking for when he assigned me to this project”.

The project requires significant collaboration with MCW Physicians, Dynacare, the IRB Office, Froedtert’s Office of Clinical Research Innovative Care Compliance (OCRICC), Grants and Contracts, and each sponsored departments-Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and Medical Oncology.

When asked how they were able to bring so many different teams together to work through complex processes and issues, Mike credited the level of commitment from MCW leadership.

“It’s easier to get a project done when you have a mandate and your Steering Committee is comprised of some of the most influential leaders in the organization.”

The result of all this effort is improved and standardized processes and better clinical trials.  Many of these also directly impact patient safety and care.  In a recent meeting, OCRICC’s Roberta “Bobbi” Navarro gave an example of how these new processes reach across departments and organizations to create a better standard of care for patients enrolled in clinical cancer trials:

“There is now an “FYI” flag in the patient’s file in EPIC that, when selected, alerts all hospital staff that the patient is part of a clinical trial.  This allows caregivers to make better decisions about other aspects of that patient’s treatment, like medications, and procedures.”

In the coming months, as all of the CTO’s processes and teams are brought online, the full impact of the Implementation Team’s hard work, and Mike’s leadership, will be seen throughout the MCW and the community.

Sandi Johnson, the OnCore Clinical Research Management System Coordinator and a member of the Implementation Team, is very clear about Mike Gill’s importance to the success of this project.

“Let’s face it, without Mike there would be no CTO.  He’s amazing, an amazing leader.”

Congratulations to Mike Gill, the CTO staff and the entire Project Implementation team on their hard work and accomplishments.



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