Message from Director Dr. Ming You - Team Science Acknowledgements & Resources

I'd like to take a few minutes to acknowledge some recent successful team science collaborations and share a great resource available from the NIH, "Collaboration & Team Science, A Field Guide."

NCI designation requires an investment and focus on translational research (including personalized and targeted therapies, drug discovery, early-phase clinical trials) and team science that integrates and leverages multiple researchers around a specific focus.  This team approach has a direct impact on local cancer patients and our entire community by providing access to cancer clinical trials, including early-phase and national cooperative trials, more options for treatment, earlier access to new treatments, and partnerships with world-class oncology clinicians.  Ultimately, this team approach to cancer research and treatment helps empower cancer patients, and improve outcomes and quality of life.

A major focus of the MCW Cancer Center is to connect cancer-focused investigators and clinicians from departments across the institution and our partners, and create multi-disciplinary teams and opportunities for regular collaboration.
I'd like to acknowledge Dr. Michael Dwinell, Dr. Doug Evans, and Dr. Susan Tsai for their efforts to bring together researchers and clinicians interested in pancreatic cancer research and treatment.  Their Pancreas Club meets on the second Thursday of each month from 5-6 p.m. in the CLCC conference room L. On average, 20 different researchers and physician scientists attend these meetings to discuss the latest pancreatic cancer research happening at MCW and around the world, and look for opportunities to leverage individual research into opportunities for team science.
Visit the Cancer Center calendar for more information about upcoming Pancreas Club meetings, and if you are interested in joining the mailing list contact Sheri Sasaki ( I encourage all MCW Cancer Center members to follow the example of Dr. Dwinell, Dr. Evans, and Dr. Tsai.  The NIH's "Collaboration & Team Science: A Field Guide" may be a very helpful resource to get you started with your own disease-focused research team.  If there is anything the Cancer Center administration staff can do to help you get started, please just let us know.

If you would like to share other team science success stories, or ideas to build more team opportunities, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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