Cancer Center Recruitment Update

We are thrilled to announce the recent faculty appointments of two new cancer-focused, NCI funded researchers.  Ellen Velie, PhD is a Nationally renowned population sciences researcher in breast cancer disparities and the Principal Investigator on NCI R01 CA136861, Life Course Energy Balance And Breast Cancer Risk In Black/White Women Under 50.  Dr. Velie has a full faculty appointment at MCW, and was awarded the Van Deuren Chair in Breast Cancer Research. This is a joint recruitment with University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Dr. Velie's primary appointment is at UWM.  You can read the announcement about Dr. Velie's appointments here.



Li Lily Wang, PhD, will join the Cancer Center's Hematologic Malignancy & Transplantation research program and is the Principal Investigator on NCI R01 CA164225-02, Vista, a Novel Checkpoint That Suppresses Anti-tumor T Cell Responses.  We are thrilled to these investigators join our talented cancer research team at the MCW Cancer Center.  Dr. Wang will begin at MCW in May of this year.