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Featured Investigator, Li-Shu Wang, PhD

Dr. Wang Awarded Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society

Cancer Center Member Li-Shu Wang, PhD, was awarded an American Cancer Society (ACS) Research Scholar Grant in the amount of $720,000 for her project, "Prevention of Ulcerative Colitis, a Colorectal Cancer Precursor, by Berries."

Dr. Wang's experience is in evaluating the effects of chemopreventive agents, including black raspberries, on gene expression in vitro (in mammary and colon cell culture systems) and in vivo (in rat esophagus, in mouse colon and in human colon). Her recent work shows evidence that berries cause demethylation of tumor suppressor genes in rodent and human colon leading to their enhanced expression.

Dr. Wang is a member of the Cancer Susceptibility & Chemoprevention program, and has worked closely with Dr. Gary Stoner on food-based chemopreventive research.  Her work and lab was recently highlighted in the Cancer Center's Rounding with the Dean event, where Dr. Wang and the Dean discussed her recent grant award and sources for the black raspberry compounds used in her research.  

ACS Research Scholar Grants are nationally competitive and are prestigious, peer-reviewed awards. In addition to this grant, Dr. Wang also holds an NCI R01, "Mechanisms of Tumor Suppressor Gene Reactivation in Colon Cancer by Berries."  

You can read more about Dr. Wang's work in this recent article published in Nutrition and Cancer.
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