Welcome to the Director’s Update, June 2013

I want to thank everyone who participated in the first annual MCW Cancer Center Scientific Retreat on May 3rd.   The retreat was a day to take pride in our scientific accomplishments and identify opportunities for collaboration, growth, and the exchange of ideas.  I was thrilled with the participation at this event.  We had a great response from our members in terms of attendance, talks, and poster sessions.  

We were honored to have Dr. Edward Partridge as our keynote speaker. For many, I think his inspiring talk was the highlight of the day.  His programs in cancer education, access, and outreach, which have effectively eliminated some cancer disparities in his region, show us that it is possible to make a difference in our own community.

I want to thank Dr. Syed Ahmed, Dr. Reza Shaker, and Dr. Alonzo Walker for attending the retreat and sharing their experiences in community engagement and outreach.  Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Walker have graciously agreed to co-chair our new Task Force on Community Engagement.  This group is working now to create a roadmap to engage and support the underserved community in the greater Milwaukee area and Southeastern Wisconsin region.

I hope your experience at the retreat continues to spark discussion about how to address the problem of cancer in our underserved populations.  I would be happy to discuss any ideas you have. My door is always open.  



Ming You, MD, PhD

Joseph F. Heil Jr. Professor of Oncogenesis

Director Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center

Senior Associate Dean for Cancer Research, Education, and Clinical Care