Research Programs

The MCW Cancer Center research efforts are focused around four programs that leverage institutional and partner investments to build on existing scientific expertise. These Research Programs were selected because of strong leadership, current and potential funding and faculty opportunities and suitability for collaboration between projects and investigators.

1. Cancer Biology (CB)

Discovering biological abnormalities and chemical characteristics of cancer cells -- epigenetics, carcinogenesis, signal transduction, and alternations in functions and regulations -- to develop more effective methods of preventing and treating cancer.

Program Leaders: Balaraman Kalyanaraman, PhD, and Carol Williams, PhD

2. Tumor Progression & Metastasis (TPM)

Understanding the interaction of cancer cells with their environment and the progression of cancer. Creating new innovations in early detection, imaging, and targeted screening and treatment of cancer.

Program Leader: Michael Dwinell, PhD

3. Hematologic Malignancy & Transplantation (HMT)

Understanding how transferring cells from one person to another can kill cancer cells, and discovering new ways to reset the immune system. Improving survivorship and quality of life for cancer patients receiving blood and bone marrow transplants.  

Program Leader: William Drobyski, MD

4. Population Sciences (PS)

Focus on underserved populations and cancer disparities, survivorship, and reducing cancer incidence and rates of death across all demographic groups.

Program Leaders: Joan Neuner, MD, MPH and Melinda Stolley, PhD

MCW's Cancer Research Strengths

These world-class programs and resources are unique to MCW, and directed by faculty who are leaders in their field. These areas of strength cut across all of our research programs to accelerate and enhance our results. The following faculty are members of the MCW Cancer Center's Executive Committee representing these areas of excellence in cancer research.

Basic Science


Pediatric Oncology

Mike Kelly, MD

Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research

Mary Horowitz, MD, Cancer Center Senior Leader and Director of the CIBMTR

Coordinated Clinical Care

Douglas Rizzo, MD, Cancer Center Associate Director of Clinical Operations

Sue Derus, Executive Director, Froedtert and the Medical College Clinical Cancer Center

Clinical Trials and Translational Research

James Thomas, MD, PhD, Cancer Center Associate Director of Translational Research and Medical Director of the CTO & TRU

Roy Silverstein, MD, Cancer Center Associate Director of Clinical Research

Pancreatic Cancer

Douglas Evans, MD, Chair of Surgery

Cancer Education & Resources

Ravi Misra, PhD, Dean of the Graduate School, Senior Associate Dean of Research Resources

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