MCW Cancer Center

The MCW Cancer Center provides a complete, centralized, single-minded effort on cancer research, bringing together all cancer-focused faculty and staff throughout MCW and our partner institutions.

  • Outstanding basic & clinical research programs on the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer, and factors impacting cancer disparities and outcomes.

  • Outstanding clinical care partners: Froedtert Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Zablocki VA Medical Center.

  • Outstanding research partners: Blood Research Institute, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, Marquette University.

We provide an infrastructure to support and drive cancer research, and bridge the bench (basic science) the bedside (translational and clinical research and treatment) and the community (outreach, prevention, education, and screening).

Cancer Center Director

Provides the vision and focus for MCW’s cancer research, develops leadership and scientific excellence, and rallies institutional commitment and investment in cancer research.

Cancer Center Members

Membership connects cancer-focused investigators and clinicians from departments across the institution, provides value and benefits, and aligns and leverages the institution’s faculty and staff working on cancer.  Learn about the MCW Cancer Center’s membership criteria, and fill out a membership application, or view a list of current Cancer Center members.

Cancer Center Programs 

The Cancer Center members are affiliated into Research Programs. These multi-disciplinary teams are led by senior investigators and physician scientists, and align with our clinical and research strengths and innovations. The Cancer Center provides these programs and an infrastructure and administrative support and drives opportunities for regular collaboration.  Learn more about the MCW Cancer Center’s research programs here.

Cancer Research Resources

The Cancer Center provides access to shared research resources – labs, cores, equipment, and expertise. These resources are critical to successful cancer research but not usually available to an individual researcher because of cost, complexity or lack of space.  Learn more about the research resources available to Cancer Center members.

Pilot and Seed Funding for Cancer Research

With declining federal funding and increased competition for research awards, this is one of the most important functions of a Cancer Center.  These funds are used to develop young investigators and fund new research the prevention, causes, detection, and treatment of cancer.  See a list of current funding opportunities.