XVIVO Research Project

Dr. Love has been involved with organ donation transplantation for over 25 years.  One major problem facing all patients in need of a transplant is the shortage of suitable organs to transplant.  On average about 20 patients each day in the US die on the waiting list for an organ transplant.  This is probably most evident in lung transplant, but is true of patients waiting for heart, liver, and kidney transplants as well.  Currently, more than half of all organs offered for transplant are not useable due to dysfunction that occurs with death of the donor.  To that end Dr. Love has put together a research team to address that issue, and an Organ Recovery Laboratory.  Techniques are being developed and new knowledge discovered that will lead to more lungs, liver and eventually hearts being useable to save lives through a transplant.  The knowledge being discovered right now in the laboratory will be directly applied to organ preservation and transplant in the immediate future (i.e. in the next 12 months).  This research is ongoing and has immediate relevance to the problems facing patients waiting for organ transplantation.

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